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Risk Express – “The story behind the screen”

So you have your process in place and your perfect Risk spreadsheet template on the company portal… why are you still spending precious time in umpteen risk review meetings, taking all the notes and amalgamating all the data, when what you really should be doing is analysing it?   For… Read More

ARM 9 – no need to wait for IT, upgrade yourself!

As risk practitioners it is no surprise to us that risk is becoming more important to the corporate agenda. These days it is widely acknowledged that risk touches every aspect of an organization and as such, is often owned not just by risk managers, but also departmental and business heads…. Read More

Political Risk on the Rise according to 80 top international companies

This headline may come as no surprise, given that the UK recently voted to leave the EU and the somewhat unexpected result of Donald Trump becoming president-elect of the USA. However, this was the view from you our customers, taken from the survey that many of you completed during our… Read More

Risk Management – key to operationalizing the strategic plan

While working on a presentation for a Mining sector conference recently, it struck me just how important risk management is for ensuring that strategic plans become reality. Not just risk management per se, but fully integrated risk, where pretty much everyone in the organization is involved.   Here’s why. Often… Read More

Active Risk Manager is finalist in Risk Management Product of the Year Award

ARM demonstrates global reach citing customers from Europe, Middle East, Australasia and North America   Maidenhead, UK. 6 September 2016 – Sword Active Risk has been selected for the shortlist for the Risk Management, Product of the Year award. The award entry includes examples of how ARM is used by… Read More