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Risk Management – Art or Science?

Probably a bit of both!   Reading a discussion on Linked In recently set me thinking. Someone working on their MSc asked whether risk management should be regarded as art or science. So I asked around the office.   The responses I got were not as clear cut as I’d… Read More

What makes a great Risk Manager?

Or maybe what I should have asked is What makes a great Risk Management Team?   Active Risk undertook some comprehensive original research back in 2011 to discover the traits of a great risk manager. I was looking at the research recently and it struck me that the results are… Read More

Extended Supply Chain = Hidden Risks

How you do manage a risk you don’t know about? Extend your risk management platform   A recent story on the BBC website BBC about British pork farmers being at risk if Russia bans the import of foreign pork, reminded us just how diverse risk can be.   It… Read More

Going for gold with a speaker line up that is out of this world!

Come and see at our Global Customer Conference Series   As many of you will know, our Global Customer Conference series is drawing near and we hear from Keith Ricketts, Marketing Director at Sword Active Risk, about the list of illustrious guest speakers this year.   When we set about… Read More

Agility drives Active Risk’s latest ARM 7 release and puts customers at the heart of the product

We talk to Active Risk’s Chief Technology Officer, Darren Thorpe, to learn more about some of the important changes that happened behind the scenes in the run up to the release of the company’s latest release of its Enterprise Risk Management solution – ARM 7.   How do you decide… Read More