Northern Gateway Alliance, the consortium
responsible for the design and build of the northern
motorway expansion in New Zealand, benefits from
wider visibility, communication and reporting of risk
and opportunity information using Active Risk Manager.


The Northern Gateway Alliance (NGA) was formed in March 2004 and is comprised of eight organisations; the New Zealand Transport Agency, Leighton Contractors, Fulton Hogan, URS New Zealand, Tonkin & Taylor, Boffa Miskell, United Group and VSL.


The Alliance is responsible for the design and build of the northern motorway expansion between Orewa and Puhoi, known as the Northern Gateway Toll Road in New Zealand. The road passes through a diverse landscape containing steep topography, large tracts of native bush, streams, estuaries and areas of pastoral farmland. As at August 2008 the 7.5K motorway was around 85% complete.


The NGA structure is similar to that of any enterprise, it has four sub projects under the NGA umbrella. These are earthworks, structures, tunnels and general. Each of these four sub projects are split again into zones such as bridges, tunnels, packages of work etc. There are also sub projects under Structures and Tunnels.


Why ARM?

On a project of this scale there was also a requirement for a system to support the management of risk and opportunity proactively, rather than just as a straight modelling tool.


Active Risk Manager was purchased in 2006. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process provided by ARM means there is a systematic focus on risk; a true picture of the risk situation across the whole project is presented at any one time. Using ERM helps to connect the dots across an operation, enabling the best decisions to be made based on both risk and opportunities. ARM provides a proactive solution to risk management required to ensure budgets and time schedules are adhered to by all the members of the Alliance.

Northern Gateway Alliance Case Study

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